Children’s Dentistry

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At Galleria Dental – your Bloor and Dufferin dentist, we make children’s dentistry memorable

At Galleria Dental, we enjoy working with children. We take pride in making dentistry fun, friendly and interesting for children, so that they grow up with a positive attitude towards it. Parents are encouraged to bring their child for their first dental visit around the age of 2 or as soon as his/her first teeth start to erupt. Making sure that your child’s teeth are healthy and in good condition during the developmental phase, is essential for their proper growth in the future. If any problems are foreseen, appropriate preventive measures will be recommended to avoid any serious oral health problems in the future.

Caring for your child’s teeth is important. A good oral hygiene routine is as important for kids as it is for adults. As your trusted dentist in Toronto, we are committed to taking care of your children’s oral health, as well as educating them in a fun and loving way on the importance of oral hygiene and how to properly do it.