State-Of-The-Art Technology

Galleria Dental proudly owns and uses some of the latest and most innovative technologies in dentistry for the convenience and well-being of its patients. Our patients deserve the best and most efficient dental care. We aim at constantly providing this level of dental care and making it accessible to everyone. You can enjoy the following state-of-the-art technology at our Toronto dental office, located inside Galleria Shopping Centre.


Digital X-Rays

Digital X-ray technology provides a faster and safer way to closely examine your teeth. These X-rays speed treatment and provide a more accurate diagnosis of your teeth. The advancement of digital x-ray technology has meant many advantages over traditional x-rays. Some of these are outlined here:

  • digital x-rays are much faster than traditional x-rays
  • there is much less radiation
  • the images can be enhanced for a more thorough diagnosis
  • images are stored digitally for easy retrieval and comparison

How does it work?

It’s quick and easy! We place a small sensor in your mouth which is connected to a computer with a tiny wire. An x-ray beam is then sent through your teeth which records the image of your teeth and sends it to a computer. The sensor can be repositioned to photograph other sections of your teeth.

To learn more about digital x-rays, please contact our office.


ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

As time goes by, your teeth gradually yellow in colour. Especially if you drink coffee, tea or smoke, your teeth will become even more stained. Zoom!® In-Office Whitening is a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure. It is safe, effective and very fast. In just one hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. The convenience of Zoom! in comparison to days of using strips or wearing trays makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

The Zoom! light-activated procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to isolate your lips and gums. The Zoom! clinician then applies the proprietary Zoom! Whitening Gel, which is activated by a specially designed light for about an hour. The Zoom! light aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth. As the Hydrogen Peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substances while the structure of the tooth is unchanged. A study has shown that use of the Zoom! lamp increases the effectiveness of the Zoom! gel by 26% or more, giving an average improvement of up to eight shades.


Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue laser allow precision and accuracy during dental treatments involving gums and soft tissue. Lasers are incredibly effective tools that help us to pinpoint the exact areas of treatment without damage to any of the surrounding areas. The result is a minimally invasive and improved experience for our patients. In order to perform laser treatment, we provide you with special protective glasses, and then we may numb the area we’ll work on. We then sweep the gentle beam over the affected area. The narrow beam only removes a specific number of cell layers on each pass, so we have precise control over the procedure.

We are able to use lasers during a number of treatments including:

  • Lesion removal
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Removal of excess gum tissue
  • Gum surgery
  • Gum Recontouring (Gum Lift)
  • Canker sore or venous lake treatment

Benefits to using dental lasers include:

  • less bleeding during treatment
  • reduced swelling
  • faster healing times

We are proud to offer this technology that helps us to ensure our patients have a more comfortable in-chair and post-procedure experience.


EMAX And LAVA Restorations

At Galleria Dental, we pride ourselves for using the most modern cosmetic materials for dental restorations. EMAX crowns are a good choice for front teeth, or an over-prepared tooth, that the crown keeps falling off, since it can be bonded to your tooth just like porcelain veneer bond and become one with your tooth. Due to durability and strength of the EMAX, the biggest advantage is that less tooth structure is removed from the tooth, and the material is fracture-resistant. The strength and esthetics are incomparable. Regular porcelain crowns are stronger than natural tooth structure. Emax crowns on the other hand can be as much as 3 to 5 times stronger than regular porcelain crowns.

LAVA crowns are made of zirconium oxide. This technology  is designed for precision, speed and single-appointment efficiency. It resists chipping and cracking when milled. Very strong as compared to regular porcelain, they are of course bio compatible and are fabricated via the aid of computer-generated machine CAD/CAM. Lava crowns are durable and long-lasting. They are cemented on the tooth, eliminating the risk for falling out.



At Galleria Dental, we offer a new innovative technology to replace dental bonding, called BIOCLEAR. the BIOCLEAR Method allows us to more precisely achieve fuller, stronger, and more attractive results without the need for extensive structural alterations. BIOCLEAR creates a mold over your teeth with varying thickness in order to solve some common aesthetic issues. From filling in the dark triangles between your teeth after orthodontics to fixing minor flaws and chips, we can create a completely natural look that is both seamless and durable. The result of this precise method is outstanding beauty and functionality. The BIOCLEAR Method makes cosmetic enhancement more accessible due to its more affordable cost.