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Our philosophy is about mutual respect. We treat our patients with respect and courtesy and expect the same in return. With a practice in Toronto, we welcome people from a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and communities.

Galleria Dental is proud to be multicultural! We are more than happy to converse in: Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and French!

We take pride in striving to keep the balance between:

  1. Resolving dental problems efficiently ( for example, pain inducing conditions as cavities, root canals, surgical extractions, options for replacement of missing teeth, soft tissue pathology)
  2. Building and maintaining an effective preventative program (regular cleaning and check- ups)
  3. Providing cosmetic services including whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures.

We believe in a personalized approach. We present the options of treatment with pro and cons, outlining the advantages and limitations of each treatment plan. In this context there IS NO right or wrong choice, there is a treatment plan that needs to be tailored WITH the patient according to her/his medical health, time, finances and preferences. These aspects of our work are continually being reassessed and updated in order to provide modern, minimally invasive approach to care for our patients.

Galleria Dental office was established in 1984. Dr. I. Costache took over the office in 2005
Dr. I. Costache modernized the facility, equipment and the philosophy of the practice.

Dr. I Costache graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara, Romania in 1994. Dr. I. Costache has extensive experience treating people with health complications of any ages (children, adults and seniors). She has worked in private practice, community health, hospital and in a school based dental office. She provides restorative, surgical, endodontic and cosmetic dental services.