Oral Cancer Screening

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Dr. I. Costache & Associates – your top Bloor and Dufferin dentist offers effective oral cancer screening to look carefully for the spread of cancer cells in your mouth and throat

Oral Cancer is the 13th most common cancer in Canada. It may appear in any mouth cavity, including gums, tongue, lips, cheeks, floor and roof of the mouth, salivary glands and back of the throat. It involves the abnormal growth or spread of any of these cells. Just like the case with any other type of cancer, early detection of oral cancer is key!

During your regular dental check-up at Galleria Dental – your dentist in Toronto – we perform a comprehensive oral examination, where our experienced dentist or professional dental hygienist look carefully for any abnormalities or any signs of the disease. Oral cancer treatment can be 100% successful if performed at the early stages of the disease. One of the most common symptoms of oral cancer is having a sore in your mouth that bleeds easily and does not go away. Constant pain in any area of the mouth can also raise some concerns. Don’t wait to book your appointment.

Learn more about the symptoms, risk factors and the diagnosis of cancer in the mouth and throat.