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Dr. I. Costache & Associates – your Bloor and Dufferin dentist, recommends dentures as one of the primary options to replace missing teeth

A denture is a dental appliance that replaces your missing teeth. Depending on your case, your comfort level, and our team’s recommendations, you can have a fixed or a removable denture. The process includes taking an impression of your bite and creating a custom-fitted denture that fills the gaps of your missing teeth. If you’re missing all your teeth, you’ll require a full denture. If you’re missing just one or several teeth a partial denture will be right for you.

Considered the best solution for missing teeth replacements for a long time, dentures still remain the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective solution today. They do however show some negative side-effects in the long run. Gum problems and bone tissue loss may occur over time. Fortunately for our patients, at Galleria Dental, we provide you with the best denture solution, while presenting you with the adequate instructions for aftercare and the necessary follow up services to ensure your optimal oral health state. Book your denture consultation at our Toronto dental office today.